Judge Kavanaugh & Dr. Ford to Testify

September 27, 2018
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But first, A recap


  • July 9:A Kavanugh nominated
  • July 30:A Ford sent a letterA to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D), a Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • Sept 4: Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearings began
  • Sept 12: Feinstein sent Ford’s letter to FBI
  • Sept 16: Ford identified herself (4 days after media reports on letter)
Q: Have they been in the same room since the alleged incident?

A: Unclear.


In a Fox News interview earlier this week, Kavanaugh said “I may have met her, we did not travel in the same social circle, she was not a friend, not someone I knew” and that he doesn’t recall ever being at parties where Ford was present.
Q: Why is it an open hearing?

A: A The Senate Judiciary Committee offered Ford the option of a public hearing, a private hearing, a public staff interview, or a private staff interview. She choose a public hearing.


An open session is a matter of public record, whereas a closed session would be confidential.
Q: Is there any penalty for lying under oath during a Senate hearing?

A: Yes.


Whether you’re under oath or not, lying to Congress is punishable by up to 5 year in prison.
Q: When will the Senate vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination?

A: The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Friday AM on the referral to the full Senate, which will vote early next week.


In 2017, the Senate changed its rules to allow confirmation by a simple majority (51 of 100) instead of 60 votes.
“These unwitting combatants in an undeclared war. These people are not props for us to make our political points.”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday about both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ahead of today's hearing.

The two other woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault and misconduct in 1982 and 1983/1984 will not testify. To date, the White House has not directed the FBI to investigate any of the allegations against Kavanaugh.

by Jenna Lee,