Jury Deliberates: Hunter Biden Trial

June 11, 2024

He knew he was using drugs. That’s what the evidence shows. And he knew he was addicted to drugs. That’s what the evidence shows.

Federal prosecutor Leo Wise during closing arguments Monday in the U.S. government’s case against President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who faces three felony gun charges. This is the first time a child of a sitting president has faced criminal charges.

Why This Matters: Hunter Biden (54) remains under federal investigation for his business dealings; the three felony gun charges tried in this case emerged during this investigation. Federal law prohibits drug users from buying a gun, and/or lying about their drug use to do so. Prosecutors say Biden lied about his drug use to purchase a gun. Biden’s defense team says Biden did not consider himself an addict at the time of his purchase in 2018 and that no one saw him use drugs in the days before the purchase.

Big Picture: This historic case places the U.S. Justice Department, which is under the authority of President Biden, against President Biden’s own son during a key election year.

Read More: Jurors will resume deliberations in the federal gun case against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter (The Associated Press)

Photo Credit: Hunter Biden in 2023 via Wikimedia Commons

by Jenna Lee,