l.a. Schools Superintendent Austin Beutner on a Proposed Plan to Reopen One of the Largest School Districts in America (Eventually) During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

August 19, 2020

Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary actions, and while this testing and contact-tracing effort is unprecedented, it is necessary and appropriate.

  • The plan would include testing all 700,000 children in the district.
  • The plan would include a collaboration involving different research teams, and private companies: “The testing and contact tracing program brings together the expertise of UCLA, Stanford and Johns Hopkins University. Microsoft is providing an application to help manage the effort and share information. Testing labs will provide timely results at a cost that makes the effort feasible. And health insurers Anthem Blue Cross and HealthNet will share their data to provide a more robust overall picture of how the novel coronavirus affects different communities.”
  • Cost estimates for this program top $150M with no clear path for funding.
  • Why It Matters: School districts across the country are trying to figure out how to resume in-person learning and quickly gather information to see what template works best to follow. This is just one plan among many, but notable because the of the size of the district (and potential partners).
  • Important to note: The return to in-person learning doesn’t appear to be on the near horizon as infection rates remain high in the state of California, that leads the nation with COVID-19 cases.

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by Jenna Lee,