Large expansion of U.S. military in Europe

June 29, 2022

We’re stepping up.

Pres. Biden on the U.S. expanding its military presence in Europe — reportedly the largest build-up in decades.

Why It Matters: The expansion of the U.S. military footprint, including a permanent presence in Poland, is both a show of force vs. adversaries (such as Russia) and a sign of solidarity with NATO members.

  • Pres. Biden’s statement came during his remarks at the opening of a meeting of NATO.
  • NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization: the largest military alliance in the world.
  • Simply put, the U.S. will add more troops, more equipment, and more permanent presence further east in Europe (closer to the Russian border); the U.S. already has permanent military bases in Germany, Belgium, and Italy.
  • NATO is also considering two new members: Sweden and Finland.
  • This is a developing story and we expect more details to come.

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by Jenna Lee,