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April 1, 2021
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October 15, 1860

How a little girl’s “beauty advice” to Abraham Lincoln may have shaped the future (& face) of America.

“If you let your whiskers grow, I will try and get the rest of them to vote for you. You would look a great deal better for your face is so thin. All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you and then you would be President.”

11-year-old Grace Bedell of Westfield, NY writing to then-candidate Abraham Lincoln during his presidential campaign. Shortly after, Lincoln started growing a beard and he had a full beard on the day of his inauguration several months later.

“Some three months ago, I received a letter from a young lady here; it was a very pretty letter, and she advised me to let my whiskers grow, as it would improve my personal appearance; acting partly upon her suggestion, I have done so; and now, if she is here, I would like to see her.”

President-Elect Lincoln during a brief stop in Westfield, NY on the way to his inauguration celebration in 1861.

Guided By Grace?

Grace wrote the letter in Oct 1860, just weeks before Election Day.

In his response to Grace, Lincoln asked whether he might be made fun of for suddenly growing a beard; he was!

The beard likely didn’t impact his victory, BUT it did affect his appearance as the 16th President and his legacy.

Pres. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have one thing going for both of them this Election Day — NO facial hair. Researchers say beards are perceived as a sign of masculinity and self-confidence, yet no sitting president has sported facial hair in over a century.

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