Lindsey Jacobellis Wins Gold

February 9, 2022

Don’t count the old girl out.

36 year-old snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis after winning the first American gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
  • At 36 years old, Jacobellis also made history by becoming both the oldest snowboarder to medal and the oldest U.S. woman to ever win a gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games.
  • Jacobellis won gold in women’s snowboardcross, in which snowboarders race down a course with curves, jumps and other artificial features which test the rider’s control and balance.
  • 16 years ago, Jacobellis competed in the event when it was first included in the Winter Games. She was expected to win gold, but she fell before the finish line, still winning silver.
  • Prior to the 2022 Winter Games, Jacobellis had already won 31 World Cups, 10 X Games gold medals and six world championships – the most decorated snowboardcross athlete to date. ESPN describes her as “the greatest snowboardcross racer in the sport’s history.”

Big Picture: Her win in Beijing marks the longest time between winning medals for any woman at the Winter Games. After her victory, she said, “This feels incredible because this level that all the women are riding at is a lot higher than it was 16 years ago. So I felt like a winner just that I made it into finals … All these ladies had the potential to win, and today it just worked out for me …”

Her advice to young athletes? “If you’ve made it to this stage, you’re a winner. And look at what you have learned from the experience, and take that with you later in life.”

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Finishing touch: 16 years later, Jacobellis gets her gold (Associated Press)

Lindsey Jacobellis wins snowboardcross for first U.S. gold medal at Beijing Olympics (ESPN)

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by Jenna Lee,