Little boy rescued from Chicago shooting

July 5, 2022
An adult hand holding a child's hand.

I put him in my arms.

Father and bystander Greg Ring, who helped a two-year-old separated from his parents during the Highland Park July 4th shooting; the child’s parents were both killed.

Who: Aidan McCarthy (2) was helped by a couple also fleeing from the shooting incident. You can see an interview with the couple HERE.

What: Seven people were murdered (including Aidan's parents Irina, 35, and Kevin, 37) and more than 30 injured when a shooting took place during an Independence Day event.

Where: Highland Park, Illinois, just north of Chicago (around a 35-minute drive from downtown Chicago).

When: July 4, approx. 10:20 a.m.

How: Law enforcement suggests the shooter shot from a rooftop and then fled, disguised as a woman and blending into the crowd. Police say he went to his mother's house in the area, but was later spotted while driving; he was pulled over by police, arrested and charged with murder.

Why: No known motive at this time. **Story Developing**

Important Context: The shooter has had previous run-ins with the law due to threatening behavior. Read more about it HERE.

Added Context: "Scores of smaller-scale shootings in nearby Chicago also left eight people dead and 60 others wounded over the July 4 weekend" (Associated Press).

Here's the account from witnesses: Deadly July 4 Parade: Shots, Then a Frantic Rush to Escape

Here's the GoFundMe page available to support Aidan.

by Jenna Lee,