Louisiana Resident Milton Wesley Who, Along with His Wife, Chose to Ride Out Hurricane Delta at Home; Hurricane Laura Damaged His House only Weeks Earlier During This Historic Hurricane Season.

October 11, 2020
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We fought all night long trying to keep things intact. And with God’s help we made it.

  • Hundreds of thousands remain without power across Louisiana, Texas & Mississippi due to Hurricane Delta, hitting only 6 weeks after Hurricane Laura.
  • While Hurricane Laura brought high-winds, the rain of Hurricane Delta caused flooding.
  • “Add Laura and Delta together and it’s just absolutely unprecedented and catastrophic. We are very concerned that with everything going in the country right now that this incident may not be on the radar nationally like it should be.” Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter.
  • The 2020 Hurricane season broke a record set in 1916 – Hurricane Delta was the tenth named hurricane to make landfall this year (the 25th of the season overall).
  • The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially starts in June and ends November 30 – historically the most severe storms usually span August – October.
  • The lasting effects of Hurricane Delta will continue into the East Coast of America this week with heavy rains.

by Jenna Lee,