Marine commandant on killed in action

August 27, 2021
Marine commandant on killed in action

Freedom comes at a cost. The next hours … will be chaotic, will be tough for those units, for those families …

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger shortly after an attack in Kabul that killed at least 10 Marines, and reportedly 3 additional American service members as well.
  • The attack took place at two locations – an entry gate to the airport and a nearby hotel.
  • General McKenzie, who oversees Central Command (which monitors the region that includes Afghanistan), said gunmen opened fire after the explosions (from suicide bombers); the attack has been attributed to ISIS.
  • The general described the process for screening at the airport as: "This is close-up work. The breath of the person you are searching is upon you. While we have overwatch in place, we still have to touch the clothes of the person that's coming in." He said there is no replacement for eye-to-eye searches for security.
  • All the details of the attack & identities of those injured or killed in action remain unknown at this time. *Update* – here is the list of those killed in action.

‘Freedom comes at a cost,’ Marine commandant says after 13 troops killed in Afghanistan

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