Marines update their look

March 25, 2022
Marines update their uniform options.

… manicures that mimic the natural nail (e.g., French and ombre manicures) are authorized for wear in all uniforms.

The Marines updating uniform policy to include some more options for nail polish, maternity wear, slightly longer hair (but still no ponytails) …
  • The uniform issued this decision in early February but announced the detail this week.
  • The goal: "The changes are consistent with modern social norms, and promote a culture of inclusion while maintaining a high level of professionalism," with the goal to "positively impact diversity, equity, and inclusion."

    Here are a few updates:
  • Longer "bulk" hair limits moved from 2 to 3 inches.
  • Manicures permitted for female Marines.
  • Special characters on uniform nametapes (i.e. Jean-Paul or Peña).
  • Maternity undershirts and nursing undershirts.

    Read the rest of the updates HERE.

    SmartHER News reached out to the Marines for more context on how significant this update is compared to others, and how often updates like these are announced. We'll keep you updated if we hear back! The new Marine policies come after recent updates to the Army's uniform and grooming policies; last year, the Army announced updates which included new maternity wear and the opportunity for women to wear to certain types of makeup & nail polish (men can wear clear nail polish).

    Interesting context from The Marines Corps Times: "…the Marine Corps remains the only service branch to not allow ponytails for women in uniforms other than the physical training uniform."

by Jenna Lee,