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The amount of people apprehended illegally crossing the U.S. Southern border in May.

It’s the highest monthly number in more than 13 years.

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Behind The Number:

  • We’ve seen numbers like this before (early 2000s), but this time is different because of the high number of family units & large groups (100+ ppl).
  • Families or unaccompanied children (17-yrs-old & younger) = 70%+ of apprehensions.
  • In 2018, 13 large groups were apprehended. This year: 180 large groups (so far).
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Why This Matters:

  • The Trend: More people are illegally crossing the border, not less.
  • Most (90%) are from “the Northern Triangle” (Honduras, Guatemala, & El Salvador) & Mexico.
  • This is why the White House held talks with Mexico, threatening tariffs, to get much-need help stopping the flow of travelers through Mexico to the U.S. border.
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Something To Consider:

  • Majority of those detained stay in America. They are released shortly after arrest, with the responsibility to follow up on their “status” wherever they settle.
  • Minors who can’t be released without a “sponsor” (family member) are placed temporarily in detention centers, until gov’t can find suitable guardian (about 2 months).
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Detention centers holding a record number of minors are also running unprecedented programs (classes/sports) & will run out of funding at the end of this month. WH requested $$ in a recent disaster bill. Congress could not agree on amount & stripped it out.

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