Michael Oher

August 15, 2023
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We’re devastated.

Sean Tuohy in response to former NFL player Michael Oher’s recent lawsuit against the Tuohy family in a Tennessee court.

The Big Picture: Michael Oher, former NFL star and inspiration for the movie "The Blind Side," has filed a petition in a Tennessee probate court against the Tuohy family. The petition accuses "Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy of lying to him by having him sign papers making them his conservators rather than his adoptive parents nearly two decades ago" (The Associated Press). Oher is asking for the termination of the conservatorship and requests a full accounting of money that the family may have earned off the use of his name and story (along with interest).

According to the petition, the conservatorship "in fact provided him no familial relationship with the Tuohys" and gave the Touhys "total control over Michael Oher's ability to negotiate for or enter any contract …" Oher said that he did not know what he was signing at the time.

Sean Tuohy's Response: According to an interview with The Daily Memphian, Tuohy says, “Michael was obviously living with us for a long time, and the NCAA didn’t like that. They said the only way Michael could go to Ole Miss was if he was actually part of the family … We contacted lawyers who had told us that we couldn’t adopt over the age of 18. The only thing we could do was to have a conservatorship."

He claims everyone in the family received an equal share of film profit.

What is a Conservatorship? According to Investopedia, "Conservatorship is a legal status in which a court appoints a person to manage the financial and personal affairs of a minor or incapacitated person." This person may also serve as the guardian of the person in charge of their physical care and living arrangements.

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