Michigan parents in high school shooting

December 3, 2021
Michigan parents in high school shooting

I am angry. I’m angry as a mother, as the prosecutor, I’m angry as a person that lives in this county.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald on charging the parents of the alleged high school shooter with involuntary manslaughter.
  • The shooting happened in Oxford, Michigan on November 30th, 2021. Four children were killed, 7 other people were injured. A student remains under arrest and charged with the crime.
  • McDonald revealed the father of the alleged shooter bought a gun only days before the shooting. That gun was the same gun used in the shooting.
  • The teenager charged with the shooting was with the father when the gun was purchased. The 15-year-old posted a picture of the gun on social media inferring it belonged to him and his mother referenced it later in a social media post as a Christmas present.
  • She also revealed the parents were called to the school on the day of the shooting because a teacher was disturbed by a drawing she saw of the alleged shooter, shooting people and asking for help. The day before, the student was caught looking at ammo on his phone and the parents were contacted.
  • After a meeting with the parents and student, the parents were requested to get counseling for their son within 48 hours; he was allowed to go back to class. The parents did not take him from school.
  • A warrant is out for the parent's arrest. They are believed to be on the run, however, their attorney's released a statement indicating the parents would be turning themselves in and had left town "for their own safety" on the night of the shooting.

Suspect’s parents charged in Michigan school shooting

Full video of the prosecutors press conference

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