Microbiologist Dominic Dwyer, a member of the World Health Organization investigative team who visited China looking for more information on the first spread of COVID-19. New questions have surfaced about the data the team had access too.

April 1, 2021

“They showed us a couple of examples, but that’s not the same as doing all of them, which is standard epidemiological investigation.”

Dwyer continues: “…the interpretation of that data becomes more limited from our point of view, although the other side might see it as being quite good.”

  • The WHO team spent a month in China (2 weeks in quarantine) to learn about the initial outbreak of COVID-19.
  • The WHO team worked hand-in-hand with Chinese researchers and issued a joint report: You can view our story on that report HERE.
  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting team members like Dwyer and others, say China limited access to raw data on some of the earliest COVID cases or those with reported COVID-like symptoms before Dec. 2019 when the world first learned about the new coronavirus. China says based on their research there was no evidence of the disease or spread before the first known outbreak in December 2019.
  • Why It Matters: More than 2 million people have died worldwide from COVID-19. Questions remain about the quality and transparency of information gathered by the Chines government. Researchers want access to the early data to learn more about where the new coronavirus first emerged and how it spread to hopefully prevent future similar pandemics.

The Wall Street Journal exclusive reporting can be found HERE.

by Jenna Lee,