Milley and others testify

September 28, 2021

This is a crucial time for Milley.

Ret. Army two-star Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser on the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Milley, who will testify in front of the Senate.
  • Along with SecDef Austin and Gen. McKenzie, commander of Central Command (CentCom = the area that oversees Afghanistan), Gen. Milley will testify Tuesday in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • Gen. Milley has also received additional attention for an account in a recent book which suggests he may have spoken inappropriately to his Chinese counterpart during the Trump administration (in which he also served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Gen. Milley has defended his actions.
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the top military advisor to the U.S. president, but *not* responsible for the movement of troops or head of operations. Gen. Milley will face questions about Afghanistan and additional questions about this recent controversy.
  • Why It Matters: This is the first time this group of military leaders will appear in front of lawmakers to answer questions about the Afghanistan withdrawal, which has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.

Pentagon leaders to face Congress on Afghan pullout decision

by Jenna Lee,