Mind-Altering Brain Cancer Innovations

August 28, 2018
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As America continues to honor Sen. John McCain,A brain cancer research delivers quiteA literallyA mind-altering innovations.

Reason to Hope?

Why Do We Call It Cancer?

“The word cancer is derived from the Latin word for crab because cancers are often very irregularly shaped, and because, like a crab, they “grab on and don’t let go.”

Johns Hopkins University describes cancer as irregular cell growth that can turn deadly. Est. 1 out of 100 cancer diagnoses will be brain cancer; it's also the second most common form of cancer in children (behind Leukemia).

Brain Cancer Boost?

(beyond radiation, chemo & surgery)

  • Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapy: Help the body recognize a brain tumor as an “invader” and attack it.
  • Tumor Treating Fields or TTF: A wearable device (like a cap) that uses electric fields to disrupt tumor growth (forA glioblastoma -the cancer Sen. McCain had).
‘Just to use this ad that used to be out, ‘This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.’ Well, this is not your father’s brain tumor either. I want sort of give a message of hope to patients. The future will add to these treatments and make it even better.”

Dr. Suriya Jeyapalan, Tufts Medical Center neurologist, speaking about brain cancer to survivornet.com.


Novocure, the company using Tumor Treatment Fields, received FDA approval for treating Glioblastoma using its device (with chemotherapy). It's also working on a device for lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancers.

by Jenna Lee,