Momma Bear Swims In California Homeowner’s Pool

May 10, 2024

Momma Bear just needed a quick spa break.

Southern California homeowner Ricky Martinez describing a video he shared on social media of a momma bear and her cubs exploring his property on Monday; as they explored, the momma bear took a dip in the pool while her cubs watched cautiously from the deck.

Big Picture: It’s not the first time the momma bear, named Maddie by residents, has explored Martinez’s neighborhood. Martinez explained, “We tend to get lots of wildlife crossing through here. We are always left in awe when we see the bears, especially a momma bear with cubs. We haven’t seen cubs that little before, and it was the cutest thing ever.”

Fun Fact: “The most common color for a black bear is actually brown” (National Park Service). Learn more about black bears, the smallest bears in North America, HERE!

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Photo Credit: Ricky Martinez via Instagram

by Leah Grainery, based in Texas