NASA Transmits First Video to Earth From Deep Space Using a Laser

December 20, 2023

I’m celebrating his spotlight with him, but making sure he keeps his paws on the carpet.

Joby Harris, owner of cat Taters, the star of the first video transmitted to Earth from deep space using a laser.

The Big Picture: Taters, a NASA employee’s orange tabby cat, was featured in the first video transmitted to Earth from deep space by a laser. From 19 million miles away, NASA’s Psyche spacecraft beamed a 15-second video to Earth showing Taters chasing a red light. It took under two minutes to reach the California Institute of Technology’s Palomar Observatory and according to project member Ryan Rogalin, “Despite the vast distance, the test relayed the video faster than most broadband internet connections here on Earth” (NPR).

The technology used “could one day be used to quickly transmit data, imagery, and videos as humans push the limits of space exploration by venturing to places like Mars(CNN).

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by Sarah Pinkerton,