NASA’s Artemis I Mission Hit Halfway Mark

November 30, 2022
Orion's Optical Navigation Camera Captures Earth (NASA)

Because of the unbelievable can-do spirit, Artemis I has had extraordinary success and has completed a series of history making events.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on the Artemis I mission – the first step in NASA’s goal to put astronauts back on the moon around 2025-26 as part of the Artemis Program.

Why It Matters: NASA’s unpiloted Orion spacecraft – part of Artemis I – hit the halfway mark of its mission on Monday. In the 13 days since the spacecraft launched, it has "traveled farther than any other spacecraft designed to carry humans to deep space and safely return them to Earth” (NASA). It has captured new photos of the Earth as well as the closest photos of the moon from a human-rated vessel since the 1970s during the Apollo missions. CLICK HERE to see photos which were taken last week from about 80 miles above the moon’s surface.

Important To Note: The Orion spacecraft will not land on the moon, but is in the process of travelling around it before returning to Earth in December.

Artemis I – Flight Day 13: Orion Goes the (Max) Distance (NASA)

NASA's Artemis Q moonship reaches record distance from Earth in near-flawless mission (CBS News)

PHOTO: Orion's Optical Navigation Camera Captures Earth (NASA)

by Jenna Lee,