Nashville Mayor John Cooper on the Christmas Day Morning Explosion in Downtown Nashville. Six Police Officers Helped Evacuate the Area Before a Devastating Intentional Explosion.

December 28, 2020
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Part of the national interest in the story is Christmas morning, a time of peace on Earth that you have a deliberate bombing. The contrast is so great and so horrible. But we have some angels here and they’re wearing blue.

  • What Happened & When: Early Christmas morning, Nashville police responded to reports of shots fired in the city’s downtown neighborhood. When they arrived on the scene, they encountered an RV playing a recorded warning stating that it would detonate within 15 minutes, allowing officers to work quickly to evacuate nearby residents.
  • Why It Matters (Just a handful of the numerous reasons):
    • When the RV exploded, three people were injured and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
    • Nearby structures, including residential buildings and businesses were damaged – some significantly. The latest report from local news counts at least 41 businesses impacted. Mayor Cooper said the damage to the nearby area is similar to the type of damage caused by a tornado (Nashville experienced several deadly tornados earlier this year).
    • The explosion took place outside an AT&T transmission hub, causing internet, phone and 911 service outages in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky.
  • Who: On Sunday, the FBI announced the identity of human remains discovered at the blast site, a 63-year-old man described as “the bomber” by the investigators. Officials were able to identify the man via DNA. The motive is unknown, but investigators from the FBI & ATF are continuing to work to acquire more information.
  • Something To Consider: Although the investigation continues, law enforcement say there is no ongoing threat and that there does not appear to be any additional suspects at this time.
  • The Responding Officers: Sergeant Timothy Miller, Officer James Wells, Officer Amanda Topping, Officer Michael Sipos, Officer James Luellen and Officer Brenna Hosey: “It was God…That’s what saved my life. That’s what got me to see my wife and kids on Christmas.” This is a good link with a video to the stories told by the officers – fast forward to 6 minutes in to hear directly from the officers.

by Jenna Lee,