National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on whether Iran will agree to meet with the United States – the countries have no diplomatic relationship at this time.

April 1, 2021
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“…the ball is in their court.”

Jake Sullivan, advisor to Pres. Biden, said the U.S. had “begun to communicate” with Iran over 5 American hostages held by the regime.

  • Sullivan also stressed diplomacy as a pathway for the two countries.
  • Iran wants America to pull back sanctions imposed by the Trump administration but has also said it will move quickly towards advanced nuclear technology – the precursor to a nuclear weapon. Recently Iran threatened to prevent routine inspections from the United Nation on its nuclear facilities – both sides apparently have reached a compromise.
  • Questions remain about whether the Biden administration wants to rejoin the so-called nuclear deal from 2015. The Trump administration exited the deal.
  • Why It Matters: Iran is designated by the U.S. State Dept as a “state sponsor of terrorism” that dates back to 1984. Questions remain about the purpose of the country’s nuclear program (whether Iran’s goal is a nuclear weapon despite publicly stating otherwise) and how best to engage the nation.
  • Something To Consider: Last week, a rocket attack in Iraq targeted an American position and killed one person (injured others, including Americans). Past attacks by militias in Iraq often tie back to Iran. The ties of the group claiming responsibility for the attack remain TBD.

by Jenna Lee,