NATO meets to discuss war in Ukraine

March 24, 2022
Pres. Biden and European leaders meet to discuss war in Ukraine

NATO is in the process now of stepping back and thinking more about a medium and longer-term force presence in NATO territory on that eastern flank.

U.S. ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, on a focus of today’s emergency NATO summit in Brussels.
  • President Biden is attending three major meetings today: an emergency NATO summit, a gathering of the Group of Seven industrialized nations, and a summit of the European Union members.
  • The goal: To establish a plan moving forward on how to best confront the war in Ukraine. This includes considering further sanctions on Russia, discussing how to minimize Europe's dependence on Russia for oil/gas, and how to efficiently provide aid to Ukraine.
  • Something To Consider: NATO announced on Wednesday that it will be increasing its military presence on its eastern front by deploying four additional units to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. This is in addition to the troops already on the ground.

Big Picture: President Biden's meetings in Europe come exactly one month since Russia began to invade Ukraine on February 24.

NATO leaders set to OK 'major increases' of troops in response to Putin's war on Ukraine (CNBC News)

Biden, Western allies gather at tense moment in Ukraine war (Associated Press)

NATO live streaming of events and press conferences:

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