NATO no fly zone

March 4, 2022

… if NATO becomes involved in the conflict, we will see more human suffering, more civilians killed.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on whether or not NATO will participate in a no fly zone.
  • Stoltenberg says the job of the *defensive* alliance is to protect the 1 billion people that belong to that 30 member nations, and to support Ukraine without becoming more directly involved in the conflict.
  • Ukraine is not a member of NATO.
  • Stoltenberg says NATO has continued to support Ukraine and is bulking up defenses to NATO nations (putting ships, planes, troops on higher alert).
  • Why It Matters: Ukrainians have continued to call for a no-fly zone to help fight the Russian invasion, but so far, the West remains steadfast in not agreeing to this because of fear of escalating the conflict. Ukrainian lawmakers, like Inna Sovsun who spoke to SmartHER News, say the conflict will continue to escalate forcing involvement eventually.

Here’s a link to the Sec General’s press conference

NATO won’t establish no-fly zone over Ukraine, Stoltenberg says

by Jenna Lee,