NATO seeks to provide Ukraine with more weapons

October 12, 2022
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They need almost everything, and allies are providing unprecedented support.

NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg. While providing increased aid to Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO allies are reaching out to other countries to find more Russian-style weapons, which Ukrainians are trained to use and are in decreasing supply.

Why It Matters: NATO nations have have committed to sending Ukraine additional aid. However, a shortage is emerging of Russian-style weapons, which Ukrainian soldiers are trained in using. The U.S. and other allied countries "have been scouring the globe, looking for willing suppliers" of these types of weapons for Ukraine, The New York Times reports. The U.S. has also engaged in diplomacy with countries who have yet to provide Ukraine military support, such as Cambodia and Rwanda.

A Unique Situation: One key country is Cyprus, an island off the coast of Turkey, who has relied on Russian weapons for years following a U.S. arms embargo. Cyprus could consider providing Ukraine with weapons if they are given better replacements, however, it's unclear if/when they would do so as they currently face security challenges due to an ongoing conflict with Turkey. Meanwhile, the U.S. arms embargo on Cyprus was lifted on Oct. 1, allowing the country to now purchase American weapons.

The Hunt to Arm Ukraine Leads to Difficult Choices (The New York Times)

by Jenna Lee,