No Ban On Gas Stoves

January 30, 2024

The standards will not result in the loss of any consumer-desired features in future models, such as continuous cast-iron grates, high input rate burners, and other specialty burners.

The United States Department of Energy on Monday, announcing new standards for ovens and stoves – indicating that the agency will not ban gas stoves, a move suggested last year.

Why It Matters: In January 2023, controversy over the potential banning of gas stoves began after an official at a federal agency (the Consumer Product Safety Commission) suggested the potential to either bar newly manufactured gas stoves or implement standards on emissions due to gas stove use being connected to asthma in children. While the topic sparked lively conversation, the Department of Energy’s recently updated efficiency standards for stoves and ovens indicates that little will actually change as about 97% of the gas stoves and 77% of smooth-top electric stoves currently marketed already meet the updated standards.

The new standards, which will impact 3% of newly manufactured gas stoves, have been designed with the intent to save energy and encourage development of products that minimize costs and environmental impact. The updated standards – which also apply to imported ovens and stoves – will not be required of newly made models until 2028.

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas