New photos of Jupiter

August 24, 2022
A detailed photo of Jupiter with black space in the background.

We hadn’t really expected it to be this good, to be honest.

Planetary astronomer Imke de Pater, professor emerita of the University of California, Berkeley. She helped lead observations of Jupiter which recently produced unique, high-quality photos of the largest planet in our solar system.

Why It Matters: Using the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA released new photos of Jupiter, enabling scientists and others to better understand the largest planet in our solar system. De Pater noted, "It’s really remarkable that we can see details on Jupiter together with its rings, tiny satellites, and even galaxies in one image.” Click here to view both images.

  • “This one image sums up the science of our Jupiter system program, which studies the dynamics and chemistry of Jupiter itself, its rings, and its satellite system,” said Thierry Fouchet, a professor at the Paris Observatory and who serves along with De Pater as part of the international collaboration for Webb’s Early Release Science program.
  • Perspective: Both pictures feature a white circle, otherwise known as the Great Red Spot; it's a storm so large in size that it could swallow Earth. In these photos, it appears white because of the clouds' high altitude reflecting off of the sun.

In other NASA news: Have you ever wondered what a black hole sounds like? Click here to listen to NASA's real mix of the sound. For more, click here.

Webb’s Jupiter Images Showcase Auroras, Hazes (NASA)

by Jenna Lee,