New Report Recommends Lunchables Not Be Served In Schools

April 12, 2024

We don’t think anybody should regularly eat these products, and they definitely shouldn’t be considered a healthy school lunch.

Eric Boring, a chemist at the advocacy group Consumer Reports (CR) who led recent testing on Lunchables. They found high levels of lead and sodium in most of the ultra processed meal kits.

Why It Matters: The group strongly recommends the USDA remove two specific “school version” Lunchables from the National School Lunch Program. The school versions, marketed as a healthier option, showed more sodium than store-bought counterparts. But the tests did not indicate Lunchables exceeded any regulatory or legal limit of chemicals.

There’s a lot to be concerned about in these kits. They’re highly processed, and regularly eating processed meat, a main ingredient in many of these products, has been linked to increased risk of some cancers,” said Amy Keating, a registered dietitian at Consumer Reports, in a statement.

Kraft Heinz responded to the report: “All our foods meet strict safety standards that we happily feed to our own families. Lead and cadmium occur naturally in the environment and may be present in low levels in food products,” according to a spokesperson.

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas