new sanctions on Russia

April 6, 2022
New sanctions announced on Russia by the international community.

The measures taken today by the U.S. and E.U. represent a significant tightening of an already tough set of measures … However, given the nature of the atrocities being committed in Ukraine, it is fair to ask if these measures go far enough.

Fmr. U.S. Treasury official Daniel Glaser on new efforts by the U.S. and others to force Russia to leave Ukraine.
  • Glaser went on to say, "Oil and gas remain untouched and Russia continues to have access to the international financial system." (Russia supplies a lot of energy resources to the rest of Europe).
  • The U.S. and others announced new sanctions on several Russian banks and high-profile Russians, including the daughters of Pres. Vladimir Putin.
  • Why It Matters: While the sanctions increased, the effectiveness of this policy remains in question.

U.S. widens sanctions against Russia as questions about effectiveness mount

by Jenna Lee,