New Study: The T. Rex May Have Had Lips

April 6, 2023
Silhouette of a dinosaur with sharp teeth showing

We need to move away from this toothy lipless look for things like Tyrannosaurus and towards these animals having more lizard-like faces.

Dr. Mark Witton at the University of Portsmouth in England and co-author of a new study which suggests the T. Rex may have looked different than its popular depictions.

What To Know: The study suggests that the dinosaurs likely had “thin, scaly lips” rather than “a toothy grin,” The Guardian explains. Witton put it like this: “If you just imagine the Komodo dragon scaled up with a 5ft-long skull, it is not going to look much different from something like a T rex.”

A fun excerpt from The AP: "With this evidence and other clues from the dinosaurs’ anatomy, the study makes a good case for lipped tyrannosaurs, said University of Maryland paleontologist Thomas Holtz, who was not involved with the study. Still, 'we’re not talking kissy lips,' he pointed out — they’d be thin and scaly like those of the Komodo dragon, a large lizard."

Read The Full Study Here

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by Jenna Lee,