“one of the greatest centers in NFL history” retires

March 5, 2024

From my mother, I learned the all-too-important lesson of never letting anyone tell you what you can’t do.

NFL player Jason Kelce announcing his decision to retire after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles; Kelce is broadly considered as one of the greatest centers in the history of the NFL.

Why It Matters: Kelce, 36, played his entire NFL career with the Eagles, playing in two Super Bowls within the past seven years (winning the 2018 Super Bowl), as well as 12 postseason games. In his 40-minute speech on Monday, he tearfully discussed his decision to retire and thanked a wide range of people – including his parents, brother and wife – while noting important moments in his career.

He explained why he chose football, saying, “The best way I can explain it is what draws you to your favorite song … your favorite book. It’s what it makes you feel. The seriousness of it. The intensity of it.”

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas