Nick Proffitt, u.s. Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia, on an Operation that Recovered 27 Missing Children Within the State – the Latest in a String of Operations Nationwide.

November 1, 2020
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We will find you.

  • Operation Find Our Children took place over a 5-day period, with multiple agencies. Here’s the press release
  • It’s the latest in a string of missing children operations with the U.S. Marshalls.
  • A recent operation in Ohio, Georgia and Indiana leading to the recovery of more than 400 children.
  • When the Marshalls speak about “recovering” missing children, it’s *often* but not always runaways – with a high percentage victims of child trafficking. For example, Operation Autumn Hope in Ohio led to the recovery of nearly 50 children and 179 arrests.
  • Why It Matters: The pandemic has exacerbated a growing crime of online predators targeting children. “Online child abuse and exploitation, already one of the biggest and growing crime challenges nationally, has spiked as the pandemic has forced more people indoors with abusers and children spending more time on the internet.”

This a must-read:

‘People don’t want to talk about it,’ but reports of kids being exploited online have spiked amid coronavirus pandemic READ HERE

EXCERPT: Even before the pandemic struck, the sexual abuse and exploitation of children was a growing threat that pervaded every corner of the country. One recent study said online creation and sharing of such material has reached a “breaking point” where reviews by the national center and law enforcement investigations “no longer scale.”

Livestreaming and the abundance of smartphone apps like TikTok, Whisper and Omegle, along with games such as Fortnite and the established popular platforms of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, provide a massive online hunting ground for sexual predators who could be on the other side of the country or down the street.

But money for law enforcement to substantially combat the growing threat is scarce. Roughly half the $60 million authorized by Congress is spread each year among nearly three dozen task forces in the United States.

by Jenna Lee,