No More Doggy in the Window?

August 31, 2018

No More Doggy In The Window?

England moves to ban all puppy & kitten sales in pet stores, as advocates fight for the same in America.

No More Pet Stores?

England’s Proposed Ban

  • What: Ban sales of puppies & kittens younger than 6 months old by anyone EXCEPT breeders.
  • Why:A Crackdown on puppy mills & poor treatment of animals.
  • Interesting: England doesn’t track puppy sales – no clear idea of how many puppies are actually being sold through pet stores; estimates upwards of 80,000.

Puppy Probs: Stateside

  • Americans spending more $$ on their pet’s care & comfort: est. $70B this year.
  • CA passed a law banning the sale of puppies in pet stores by 2019.
  • MD passed a similar law this year.
  • Why keep pets in pet stores? Some argue pushing all sales to breeders will push puppy sales “underground” and same mistreatment to occur.

The Benefit Of A Ban

(Bans) protect consumers who may unwittingly purchase sometimes sick or genetically compromised puppy mill puppies from pet stores. They promote the acquisition of shelter/rescue dogs instead of commercially bred dogs …. Nationally, they pressure the commercial pet industry to clean up its act.”

Humane Society

The proposed ban of puppy and kitten sales in English pet stores opened for public commentary in late August and will close in mid-September before it goes before Parliament; a ban to stop sales of pets younger than 8 weeks old starts on Oct. 1.

by Jenna Lee,