North Korea Fires More Than 20 Missiles on Wednesday

November 2, 2022

This is very unprecedented and we will never tolerate it.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff in a statement after North Korea test-launched more than 20 missiles into the sea off the east and west coasts South Korea.

Why It Matters: North Korea – a U.S. designated state sponsor of terrorism – fired more than 20 missiles off South Korea’s east and west coast on Wednesday, South Korea’s military said. These provocative actions come as tensions in the region continue to increase, and hours after a North Korean official said that if the U.S. and South Korea use military force against North Korea, the two countries “will have to face a terrible case and pay the most horrible price in history”; this statement is seen as reference to the country’s nuclear weapons.

  • Timing: The U.S. and South Korea are currently conducting annual military drills that will continue until November 4; the U.S. has maintained its position that it has no “hostile intent” towards North Korea – which has conducted an unprecedented amount of missile tests this year.
  • In immediate response to the missile launches, South Korea launched three missiles into the sea. One of the missiles launched by North Korea landed 16 miles from a South Korean island’s sea border, prompting air raid sirens and evacuations to underground shelters on the island. The Associated Press reports: “South Korea’s military said it was the first time a North Korean missile has landed so close to the sea border since the countries’ division in 1948.”

N Korea fires 23 missiles, prompting air raid alert in South (The Associated Press)

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*THURSDAY UPDATE: North Korea test-launched another three missiles on Thursday (including an intercontinental ballistic missile). In response, the U.S. and South Korea announced that the two countries combined aerial drills will go on for an unspecified amount of time. LEARN MORE HERE*

by Jenna Lee,