North Korea & Russia Announce New “Partnership”

June 19, 2024

I am very happy about our new meeting. I hope that the next one will be held in Russia, in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, quoted by Russian state media, reflecting on his visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang – the first visit of its kind in more than two decades.

Why It Matters: North Korea, a state sponsor of terrorism according to the U.S. government, and Russia, the country with the largest nuclear arsenal, have recently made efforts to display deepening ties. During this latest meeting, the two leaders signed a “Treaty of Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” and publicly discussed their shared priorities of a “new multipolar world” (often discussed as antithetical to American leadership). The exact details of this agreement remain TBD, with Russia calling it the “backbone of our relationship in the long term.” President Putin last visited Pyongyang 24 years-ago and his current visit marks the first time a world leader has visited North Korea since the pandemic.

Reminder: Russia and North Korea do not have a free press and infrequently allow foreign, and specifically western, news agencies to operate within their countries, nor do they allow independent journalists to travel to witness/report on state-sanctioned events. State media is heavily censored.

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by Jenna Lee,