North Korea speaks about missile launches

October 10, 2022
North Korea concrete statue

This is the verification of the operation posture of our war deterrent.

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, on why the country has launched an increased amount of missile tests in recent weeks. According to North Korea’s state news agency, the missiles are in response to recent U.S. and South Korean naval drills.

Background: North Korea is a U.S. designated state sponsor of terrorism and has nuclear weapons. They have fired an unprecedented number of missiles this year (more than 40 tests so far); Kim Jong Un stated they have no interest in “dialogue with the enemies” while the U.S. and South Korea continue nearby drills.

Why It Matters: North Korea is largely sealed from the rest of the world and has limited media interactions. However, Kim Jong Un — who oversaw the missile tests — went on the record stating that the recent missile launches were "an obvious and clear demonstration of informing the enemies of our nuclear response posture and nuclear attack capabilities.” He signaled that more tests are to follow.

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by Jenna Lee,