North Korea tests long range missile

March 24, 2022
North Korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday morning.

It’s an unforgivable recklessness.

Japan’s Deputy Defense Minister Makoto Oniki condemning North Korea’s test launch of what’s reportedly its largest intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki issued this statement: "This action demonstrates that the DPRK [North Korea] continues to prioritize its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs over the well-being of its people. … The door has not closed on diplomacy, but Pyongyang [capitol city of North Korea] must immediately cease its destabilizing actions."
  • North Korea (a U.S. designated State Sponsor of Terrorism) launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday morning. It flew for 71 minutes and landed in Japanese waters (684 miles away).
  • The last ICBM test like this occurred in November 2017.
  • Something To Consider: Following the 2017 ICBM tests, the U.S., China, and Russia imposed strict sanctions on North Korea by banning U.N. member countries from importing North Korea's main exports (coal, iron ore, etc.).

Why It Matters: An ICBM (capable of deploying nuclear warheads) launched from North Korea can travel far distances and could be capable of hitting the United States. North Korea's test launch also comes at a critical time as the Biden Admin. responds to Russia's war on Ukraine. In her statement, Psaki noted the U.S. will take "all necessary measures to ensure the security of the American homeland and Republic of Korea [South Korea] and Japanese allies."

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