Nor’easter Hits East Coast; Flights Cancelled. Schools Closed.

February 13, 2024

Melting snow & standing water on area roadways may become icy. Use extra caution if traveling this evening through Wednesday morning.

NYC’s official emergency notification system on “X.” A winter storm led to the most snow seen in America’s largest city since 2022.

Why It Matters: The storm led to school cancellations in America’s largest school district (New York City) and more than 1500 cancelled flights. 46 million people or roughly 14% of America experienced winter weather alerts in their area on Tuesday.

While New York City school will open tomorrow, concern remains about travel conditions and ice.

What makes a storm a “nor’easter”? “A Nor’easter is a storm along the East Coast of North America, so called because the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast.” (read more)

Ongoing updates from local NYC press

Thank you to Ellen for her video footage of the most snow seen in Central Park since 2022:

by Jenna Lee,