Northern Lights Visible in Illinois

April 26, 2023

There were so many colors I couldn’t even count …

Landon Moeller, an 18-year-old storm chaser and meteorology student who captured incredible photos of the northern lights in Illinois on Sunday night.

Why It Matters: The northern lights – also referred to as the aurora borealis – were visible from a uniquely large number of states over the weekend and spanned across the U.S., with reported sightings in less traditional places like North Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming.

How? Because of a minor solar flare and coronal mass ejection – AKA when plasma and magnetic field particles are expelled from the outermost layer of the Sun. CBS News explains coronal mass ejections “can cause or contribute to the formation of auroras by changing the speed of solar winds.” Regarding Moeller’s experience seeing the northern lights in Illinois, he said, “The feeling was of uncontainable excitement, seeing it get brighter and dance overhead in uncountable colors.”

Stunning images show northern lights shining across the U.S. (CBS News)

‘Uncontainable excitement’: 18-year-old captures northern lights over Illinois (WGNTV)

Landon Moeller’s Instagram account with photos of the lights

by Jenna Lee,