NPS and FBI Recover A President’s Lost Pocket Watch

June 28, 2024

The stories this watch could tell over the last 126 years include colorful and profound moments in American history.

Superintendent of Sagamore Hill National Historic Site Jonathan Parker at the celebration for the recovery of President Teddy Roosevelt’s pocket watch. Members of the Roosevelt family and representatives of the FBI and National Park Service (NPS) attended the event.

In 1898, Teddy Roosevelt received a silver pocket watch as a gift from family before departing for the Spanish-American War in Cuba. This unique American heirloom likely traveled the globe with Roosevelt and may have even accompanied him at the Battle of San Juan Hill. Following President Roosevelt’s death, the watch was donated to Sagamore Hill National Historic Site in New York, who loaned it out for display. While at its temporary home at another historic site, a thief stole the watch, which didn’t surface again for nearly four decades. Last year a Florida auctioneer recognized it, and the NPS, with assistance from the FBI, recovered the object, returning it to its rightful place. FBI Special Agent Robert Giczy said of the partnership, “The repatriation of the watch would not have been possible without the close collaboration between the FBI and NPS. This partnership ensured that this historic treasure could be returned safely for future generations to enjoy.”

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Historic Pocket Watch Recovered (FBI)

Photo Credit: Jason Wickersty / National Park Service

by Karly Code, based in Kentucky