NSA Jake Sullivan on Russia

February 11, 2022
The White House raises concerns of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We continue to see signs of Russian escalation including new forces arriving at the Ukranian border.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announcing renewed urgency about a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  • President Biden's national security advisor made this announcement during a press briefing Friday afternoon, reiterating that while he did not know the exact plans of Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin, there was a "distinct possibility" of an invasion with a "reasonably swift timeline."
  • The White House went on to urge Americans to leave Ukraine immediately – emphasizing that American forces will not be able to evacuate those in need after an invasion operation begins.
  • America is also further reducing the diplomatic footprint (though not calling it an evacuation) of its embassy.
  • The White House also said a rapid assault on the capital city of Kiev could occur in a range of forms (this matters, as previous concerns of an invasion seemed more focused on the border areas of Ukraine).
  • Why It Matters: This is a notable escalation of concern from the White House that an invasion of Ukraine could be imminent.

You can watch a highlight of the press briefing below, and here's a good read on the topic from the Associated Press: US ramps up Ukraine warning, says Russia may invade any day

Here's the full briefing from the White House.

by Jenna Lee,