NYC Announces Official Street Trash Bin

July 10, 2024

Well, we’ve got great news: at the same time that we’re moving to require containerization of trash for all buildings with one to nine residential units, we’re unveiling the official ‘NYC Bin’ – beautiful, durable, and less than $50 for the most common size.

New York City Department of Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch, unveiling the city’s first official trash bin on Monday.

What To Know: New York City – the nation’s largest city – does not require trash to be placed in containers when placed on the street. However, the mayor and sanitation department announced this week that certain NYC residential buildings will be required to use trash bins with secure lids that latch beginning November 12th, and buildings must use the official NYC trash bin beginning June 2026. Officials hope the efforts will minimize trash overflow and rodents.

Something To Consider: What we now view as solid waste management in the U.S. first developed in the 1890s with an increasing number of cities offering waste collection and disposal in the early 20th century. Prior to that, trash cans were not commonplace as most people burned or buried their waste.

Also Interesting: Around 1757, Ben Franklin began the first street cleaning service and encouraged people to bury their trash rather than throw it out in the streets.

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The History Of The Trash Can (and All Its Dirty Secrets) (Medium)

by Emily Hooker, based in Texas