NYC law requires companies to post salaries

October 31, 2022
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It will give them an opportunity to raise their voice with objective data.

Tae-Youn Park, an associate professor of human resource studies at Cornell University, on how a New York City law requiring companies with four or more employees to post salary ranges online will impact job seekers. The law goes into effect on Tuesday.

Why It Matters: As the most populated U.S. city, New York City is the largest job market in the country. Beginning this week, most companies will be required to include the lowest and highest salary for any job posted. Similar "salary transparency" requirements were implemented in Colorado earlier this year and California and Washington State will follow in 2023.

Something to Consider: A spokeswoman at Indeed, an American-based employment website, said about 37% of jobs across the country included pay information from employers during the last quarter.

What’s the Salary? N.Y.C. Job Seekers Can No Longer Be Kept in the Dark (New York Times)

by Jenna Lee,