NYC under air quality health advisory due to Canadian wildfires

June 7, 2023
NYC skyline blanketed in slightly orange haze; photo credit: @nycgov via Twitter

Try to limit your outdoor activities today to the absolute necessities.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announcing an air quality health advisory through Wednesday. Over 400 wildfires in Canada have resulted in NYC being blanketed in a smoky haze.

Why It Matters: Canada is experiencing widespread wildfires – especially around the Quebec area – causing smoke to move across U.S. northeastern states. Huge amounts of smoke continue to move into New York City; on Tuesday, the nation's most populated city had the worst levels of air pollution in the world (though has since moved to second place behind New Delhi, India).

Something To Consider: Officials are warning people to stay inside as much as possible. CNN explains, "Wildfire smoke contains very tiny particulate matter, or PM2.5 – the tiniest pollutant yet also the most dangerous. When inhaled, it can travel deep into lung tissue and enter the bloodstream. It comes from sources like the combustion of fossil fuels, dust storms and wildfires, and has been linked to a number of health problems including asthma, heart disease and other respiratory illnesses."

New York City’s air pollution among the world’s worst as Canada wildfire smoke shrouds Northeast

Air Quality Health Advisory in effect for New York City, Long Island and surrounding areas through Wednesday due to wildfires in Canada

by Jenna Lee,