Oldest Living American’s Advice? “Speak Your Mind”

March 4, 2024

If the Good Lord gave it to you, use it! Speak your mind, don’t hold your tongue!

Elizabeth Francis, the oldest living person in America, when asked about advice for life.

Why It Matters: At 114 years old, Elizabeth Francis “is now the oldest living person in the U.S.,” after 116-year-old Edie Ceccarelli passed away, according to LongeviQuest, an organization tracking the world’s oldest people. Born in Louisiana and a long-time Houston resident, Ms. Francis lives at home with her 94-year-old daughter and is cared for primarily by her granddaughter. She credits her longevity to her faith.

In August 2023, Ms. Francis’ granddaughter, Ethel Harrison, explained that her grandmother “never learned to drive, so she took the bus to work or people in the family would give her a ride. She also did a lot of walking, so maybe that explains some of her longevity.” Harrison added, “Her life was always pretty simple: early to bed, early to rise, work hard, then come home and make a nutritious meal and be with family.”

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas