Oldest person to sail solo across Pacific

June 6, 2022
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Kenichi Horie, 83, broke the record as the oldest person to sail solo non-stop across the Pacific. He embarked from San Francisco in a 19-ft. long sailboat in late March and docked in Japan on June 4, 2022. 60 years ago, as a 23-year-old salesman of spare car parts, Horie made history as the first person to sail solo non-stop from Japan to San Francisco. Since then, he also sailed around the world (1974) and crossed the Pacific on a boat made of beer kegs (1999). Horie has written a memoir and says he looks forward to his next adventure, adding, “I want to be a challenger as long as I live.”

Horie’s official website (includes a map of his journey, and an option to translate to English)

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Horie’s memoir

by Jenna Lee,