Ordered To Hide His Boat, Man Commissions Realistic Mural

May 14, 2024

I’m not a rule-breaker, but I like to make a political statement as necessary, as well as a humorous statement and a creative statement.

Resident of Seaside, California, Etienne Constable. The local government asked Constable to build a 6-foot fence in order to keep his boat out of sight. He responded by commissioning a realistic painting of the boat on the fence.

What To Know: City officials ordered Constable to build a 6-foot fence in order to hide his boat from view. In response, Constable commissioned a realistic painting of the boat on his new fence. His neighbor and local artist, Hanif Panni, painted the mural of the boat. And while the city has not reached out to Constable since he commissioned the mural, the painting has gone viral.

Panni, a musician and contemporary artist, stated, “I’m a big proponent of public art in spaces. It engages people in ways that reaching out and having conversations doesn’t sometimes.”

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Ordered to put his boat behind a fence, he added a mural that’ll make you do a double take (Los Angeles Times)

Photo Credit: Hanif Panni

by Emily Hooker, based in Texas