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June 2, 1953




The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II – the only time in British royal history a mother had her child present for her official ascension to the throne.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II remains the longest serving British monarch (67 years & counting).
  • first televised coronation – an important milestone for the ceremony which dates back more than 1,000 years.
  • first time a mother had her child present at a coronation. 4-year-old Prince Charles watched his 25-yr-old mother become Queen.
On This Day

Royal Style

  • Silver & gold thread adorned the Queen’s white satin dress featuring emblems of her kingdom – the U.K. & the Commonwealth. She’s worn it again – 6 times to other events.
  • The coronation ceremony includes anointing oils. The ones used in Queen Elizabeth’s coronation? orange, roses, cinnamon, musk & ambergris.
On This Day

Queen Elizabeth II formally invited Pres. Trump for a State Visit starting tomorrow June 3rd. The timing is as important as the invitation - an invitation only extended to two other U.S. Presidents (Pres. G.W.Bush & Pres. Obama).

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Here are 50 little known facts about that remarkable day on 2 June 1953: