Over Or Under The Latest From The Southern Border

April 4, 2021


As the President requests more money for a wall on the southwestern U.S. border, Customs & Border Protection unveils the largest tunnel ever burrowed under it.

Jan. 2020: What To Know

29,200 people apprehended attempting to illegally cross the border in January.

That’s 3,600+ fewer than December.

And nearly 19,000 less than last January.

The decrease is due, in part, to fewer family units apprehended.


Last year, at the peak, nearly 133,000 people were apprehended at the southwest border in one month; more than 70% were family units (84,000+) & unaccompanied minors (11,000+).

Last month, 29,200 people were apprehended; 26% were family units (5,000+) or unaccompanied minors (2600+).

Something To Consider

While the decrease of border apprehensions Jan 2020 is a dramatic drop from Jan 2019, the difference seems less drastic when comparing it with numbers from prior recent years.

In fact, on average, roughly 30,000 people were apprehended or deemed inadmissable on the southwest border each month between 2015-2018. In 2019, the monthly average more than doubled.

“We’ve seen eight straight months of decline, but as we see from the seizure of the longest-ever tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico and significant drug seizures, much work remains.”

CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan on January’s numbers. The 70ft-deep tunnel ran over three-quarters of a mile from Mexico into Southern California, had a cart/rail system, electricity, ventilation, and even an elevator. No arrests or seizures came from the discovery.

“As efforts to strengthen security on our Southern Border increase, Mexican drug cartels are forced underground to smuggle their deadly drugs into the United States. The sophistication of this tunnel demonstrates the determination and monetary resources of the cartels.”

DEA Special Agent in Charge John Callery.

Pres. Trump wants to reallocate billions of dollars for border wall construction. Today, about 1/3 (654 miles) of the southern border is equipped with barriers. About 1,300 miles has no barrier (not all the terrain allows for a wall).

Longest Cross-Border Tunnel Discovered in San Diego

Border Numbers: https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/stats/sw-border-migration

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by Jenna Lee,