Panda Diplomacy: Pandas Set To Return To San Diego Zoo

February 22, 2024

They’ve expressed a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to re-initiate panda cooperation starting with the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance vice president of Wildlife Conservation Science, Dr. Megan Owen, discussing China’s decision to send more pandas to the United States later this year.

Why It Matters: Giant pandas are black and white bears indigenous to China, which have also become a symbol of diplomacy (aka “panda diplomacy”) as China has sent the bears to U.S. zoos in agreements helping conservation efforts. In November, some of the only pandas left in U.S. zoos returned to China, with only four remaining at the Atlanta Zoo – where the agreement between China and the zoo is set to soon expire. However, this week marks a return to panda diplomacy with the news that the San Diego Zoo is set to receive two bears as soon as summer’s end, pending the approval of all requirements.

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by Emily Hooker, based in Texas