Pandemic-Related Shortages

May 11, 2021

Not Just Toilet Paper

As Americans navigate the next stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, shortages of everyday items are still occurring.
What to Know
Why It Matters

Boom & Burn: Chlorine Shortage

  • “A pandemic swimming pool boom” has led to a high demand for chlorine. *But* a major fire at a Louisiana chemical plant has severely impacted production. This plant is one of only three chlorine tablet producers in America & has been closed since August.
  • The average price for a 50-pound bucket of chlorine tablets was about $80 last summer. It has now increased to approximately $200.
  • Why it matters: Chlorine keeps pools clean & helps maintain safe swimming conditions, protecting people from waterborne illnesses.

Lumber Shortage & Its Impact

  • Many sawmills decreased their production when the pandemic hit, expecting the need for lumber to be minimal.
  • Instead, the housing market began to surge & lumber production hasn’t been able to meet demand. Due to COVID-related production challenges, the problem still grows.
  • Impact on your wallet: “Soaring lumber prices that have tripled over the past 12 months have caused the price of an average new single-family home to increase by $35,872.” (National Assn. of Home Builders)

Computer Chip Shortage

  • What computer chips are used for: They are “like tiny brains or memory receptacles” & are essential to most modern appliances such as smartphones, cars, & airplanes.
  • How COVID has impacted production: Inventory miscalculations & “uncertainties caused by the pandemic” have “led to sharp swings in orders last year” & widespread shortages.
  • Impact: This production delay could result in longer wait times for items like cars, phones, & kitchen appliances until 2022.

From toilet paper to chicken wings to chlorine – the pandemic has resulted in shortages of every kind (at different times). With increased demand and lower supplies for certain goods, this summer could once again be impacted by what *isn’t* available on the shelves.

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